FAQs - Frequently Asked questions

We ask you to enter databases saved in the CSV format. Each Excel spreadsheet allows to save a file in this format. While saving, you just need to choose „save as CSV script (separated by commas)”.
The MD5 format is a popular cryptographic hash function, which generates a 128 bit shortcut from a given data string. Saving e-mail addresses in this format practically makes it impossible to decode them. Using a database saved in MD5 additionally increases safety of the data verification process. Example: e-mail address contact@salelifter.com saved in the MD5 format looks as follows: beebdc79ae22cf8c083610ed74faf83f
The method of Home Location Register allows to verify mobile numbers. This method allows to determine the home GSM network of the given number. It also makes it possible to exclude faulty, non-existent numbers from the base, as well as to assess number activeness within a network.
No, the data entered into Expectus is not processes for marketing purposes. The system processes it only in order to verify it.
After the verification performed by our system, you get the result in a percentage scale. We suggest that the data records that have received less than 30% are removed permanently from the database. Data records that received up to 70% are correct, existing addresses, but rated by us as unattractive from the marketing point of view. Data records which have received over 70 are correct data records that are worth keeping in your database.

Expectus works on several fields of checking the marketing quality of a given record.

The basis of any qualitative analysis is lexical, syntactic and structural analysis of each record. About a dozen different algorithms check the correctness of the entered data. Verifying id e.g. a user has not made a mistake or if such data exists at all.

The system allows for eliminating non-existent, false e-mail addresses, indicating the records that may be an attempt to force payment by unscrupulous publishers in partnership programs.

Apart from checking the syntactic correctness of GSM numbers, they are also checked directly by your mobile operator.

During qualitative research we query data warehouses on the available behavioral profiles for the analyzed records. Such information allows you to determine the interests of some records and check their activity across the Internet.

The combination of multi-channel record check described by several traits (e-mail address, city, postcode, mobile phone) allows for a realistic assessment of marketing quality of the entire analyzed record.

With the Expectus service, you can verify the quality of the full data record stored in your database. Not only e-mail address, but also name, postcode or the city shall correspond to the given postal code. Expectus allows you to verify a GSM number for home network and verify the correctness and activity of the specified number. You are able to verify your records also in terms of used profanity, others banned words, entered data of fictional people, celebrities, cartoon characters, or blank fields.
Expectus works in the prepaid model. If you decide to use the system, please pay the relevant amount to the bank account indicated on the invoice. In order to issue an invoice, please contact us at the address expectus@salelifter.com. For a start, each new user receives a packet of 1000 free credits.